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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Choritzo Dish ~ One Pot Wonders

Hello Foodie Friends!

We all love a quick and easy "fix" for a tasty no fuss midweek meal!!! And if it all happens in one pot or pan, it surely is a bonus!!

This dish usually gets made in House Tassels, when, we have a "Chorizo Hole to fill"!!!! I usually get an announcement from son, declaring that he has a "Chorizo hole to fill" meaning, that he has not had Chorizo in a while and is suffering withdrawal symptoms....

Chorizo Dinner Dish
Serves 2
225 g Chorizo
Tin of Tomatoes or 125 g Tomato Pesto
Onion Sliced
2 Waxy Mediterranean Potatoes, Diced
Fresh Basil (optional)
Crusty bread

Slice Chorizo ~ Do not put them in your mouth, but in a single layer in a heated pan and saute for a few minutes. No need to add oil to the pan, as the oil from the Choritzo will ooze out. As soon as this starts to happen, add your onions and fry tossing for a few seconds.
Add the diced potato and continue to saute.

Add the tin of tomatoes or your tomato pesto (I used Ina Paarman's ) and a spoon of sugar. When using pesto, I add a little bit of water to give some liquid to cook the potatoes until soften. Put over a low heat and let it simmer slowly until potatoes are cooked.

If the pesto thickens, and the potatoes are obstinate, just add a little bit more water!

Garnish with fresh sweet basil. Goodness, these leave were extra large!!!

Tonight, I served this with a fresh avocado, ciabatta rolls with hummus and tzatziki and a glass of Zesty White Wine.
Perfect before a quick evening swim!

And it was done in no time at all!

If you are the official dishwasher, save a piece of bread, to "clean" the pan afore it hits the water!!!
Your taste buds will thank me!!!
And save a swig of wine, to "help" with the dishes!!!
Bon Appetite

Please leave your comments below! My food critic, above, in his bonnet gave an approving sniff before he got shooed outdoors!!!

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